Join Now: This page belongs to the 407th ComCom canaanites. having this malinglist and its owners signed this Contract. Here is a summary of the contract of the group:

  • The type of group is Open and dynamic-d, its d=1, its Independent-Group-authority=80% and its peer-proportionality=1:
    • The number of members (c): 1;
    • The Peer's share price (V): 1;
    • The Achievement/Satisfaction of the owner in her/his exit; (newV/oldV = A): 1;

Approved Comcom user numbers by this comcom's admin:

  • 1

To Join add the agrement line: As a ComCom user and only if you agree with the group's contract add new comment, having empty Post title, with this agrement line:

  • "I agree with the contract of this comcom"
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